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Find out all the news about Sevidev and Atlassian applications.

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Discover the best tips and recommendations about Atlassian applications and become an expert in Jira and Confluence.

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If you have any questions or suggestions about our Jira applications available in the Atlassian marketplace. Or if you would like to contribute with your input to the maintenance of the Blog, just send us your request, we will be happy to review it and give you a quick answer!

Latest News

Unlock the secrets to success in Jira and become an expert with our valuable tips and advice on Atlassian applications! Discover how to maximize your productivity and achieve extraordinary results.

Banner Blog Post 1 - Discover Sevidev Apps for Jira

Boost Productivity with Sevidev's Atlassian Apps

Who Deleted My Issues Banner Blog - Sevidev

Recover Deleted Jira Issues with Who Deleted My Issues?

DataBase Explorer Banner Blog - Sevidev

Explore your Jira Database with DataBase Explorer

Pin Comments And Attachments Banner Blog - Sevidev

Elevate Your Jira Experience with Pin Comments & Attachments

DnD Workflow Tools Banner Blog - Sevidev

Streamline Your Jira Workflows with DnD Workflow Tools

Announcements for Jira and Confluence Banner Blog - Sevidev

Boost Communication with Announcements for Jira & Confluence

Advanced Issue History banner - web blog

Uncover Issue Changes Effortlessly with Advanced Issue History in Jira​

Revolutionize Project Communication with Chat for Jira​

Atlassian World

Explore expert insights and recommendations for Atlassian apps, cultivating expertise in Jira and Confluence

Banner Post Blog - Confluence Permissions

Exploring Atlassian's New Space Permissions Experience in Confluence

Blog Banner - Atlassian's Enhanced App Categorization

Introducing the Upgraded App Categories in Atlassian Marketplace

Banner Blog - Jira's Swift Issue Search Upgrade

Elevate Your Workflow with the New Jira Issue Search Experience

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