Announcements for Confluence

Revolutionize team communication with Announcements for Confluence. Craft tailored messages, manage user access effortlessly, and enhance collaboration.

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Key functionalities #1

Easy Admin Control: Clear Announcements

Our user-friendly app makes managing announcements a breeze. Confluence administrators can easily create messages displayed through simple banners. 🔧📣🚀


Customize Alerts: Make Them Your Own

Personalize alerts just the way you want with options like HTML, text, and icons. Plus, the ‘Don’t show again’ feature helps you stay focused without interruptions. 🎨🌟🚀 

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Key functionalities #3

Boost Team Communication: Collaborate Seamlessly

Empower Confluence Administrators to allow trusted team members to create and share announcements. With the right permissions, anyone can contribute, keeping the conversation lively in Confluence. 🤝💡🚀

Announcements for Confluence

More Details

Instant Alerts: Create announcements quickly.

Customize Messages: Personalize with HTML or text.

Visual Appeal: Clear banners for announcements.

Save Time: Use the "Don't show again" option.

Easy Engagement: Keep everyone informed effortlessly.

Optimize Teamwork: Elevate collaboration with ease.

Boost Teamwork and Empower Your Team

📥 Try effective communication now! Experience a free trial of Announcements for Confluence. Improve teamwork, tailor announcements, and empower your team.

Our Happy Clients!

As a Product Manager, Announcements for Confluence is a lifesaver. It keeps our team in sync, and the ‘Don’t show more’ feature is pure genius.


David Reynolds

Product Manager

Announcements for Confluence saved us from the communication chaos. It’s a relief for me as a designer. Teamwork is more effortless than ever.


John Davis

UX Designer

Confluence was a bit overwhelming until we found the Announcements for Confluence app. I’m relieved now. The ‘Don’t show again’ option keeps us on track.


Lisa Johnson

Project Manager

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