Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

At Sevidev, S.L. (hereinafter, “the Website”), we use cookies, which are files sent to your browser by a web server to record the User’s activities on our website. The main purpose of cookies is to facilitate faster access to selected services and to personalize the user’s experience on the Web, offering relevant information based on your interaction with our services.

Types of cookies and their use

Depending on their permanence, cookies can be divided into:

1. Session cookies: They expire when the user closes the browser.
2. Persistent cookies: They expire depending on their purpose or when they are manually deleted.

In relation to their owner, cookies can be:

1. Own cookies: Sent from a domain managed by us and from which we provide the service.
2. Third-party cookies: Sent from a domain that is not managed by us, but by another entity that processes data through cookies.

In addition, according to their purpose, cookies are classified as:

1. Performance cookies: They remember preferences and settings for service tools, avoiding configuring them each time the user visits the site.
2. Geo-location cookies: They identify the user’s country in order to customize the content according to their location, maintaining total anonymity.
3. Registration cookies: Identify and keep the user authenticated in the services, simplifying navigation.
4. Analytical cookies: Generate statistical cookies to identify anonymous visitors and usage trends, without associating personal data.
5. Behavioral advertising cookies: They expand information on ads displayed, storing interactions and navigation to offer advertising related to the user’s interests.

Cookies used in our web site

The cookies we use on our website are those essential to ensure the operation and optimization of our services, in addition to those necessary for our digital marketing statistics.

International transfers

From time to time, third parties identified in this cookie policy may make international transfers. Where appropriate, such third parties will inform you about the mechanisms for regularizing such transfers.

Disabling cookies

Modern browsers allow you to modify your cookie settings in the options or preferences menu. It is also possible to install plug-ins to avoid downloading Web Bugs when opening e-mails.

Changes to the Cookie Policy

The Web reserves the right to modify this Cookie Policy to comply with legal requirements or to adapt to instructions from the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Significant changes will be communicated through the website or by email to registered users. We recommend that you visit this Cookie Policy periodically.