Who Deleted My Issues? (Data Center)

Never lose valuable information again with Who Deleted My Issues? (Data Center). This app allows you to efficiently save, log, and recover deleted Jira issues, ensuring your project’s data integrity and accessibility.

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Key functionality #1

Powerful Search and Filtering Engine

Quickly and easily recover your deleted issues with our powerful search and filtering engine. Efficiently find and restore individual or bulk issues. Never lose valuable data again.

Key functionality #2

Backup and Restore Deleted Issues

Keep your data safe with our backup function. Save and back up your issues in CSV format, so you can easily restore them whenever you need to. Keep your information always safe and accessible.

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Key functionality #3

Exclude Specific Projects

Exclude specific projects from the log of deleted issues. Customize your experience and avoid logging issues for projects you don’t want to track.

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Who Deleted My Issues? - Data Center

More Details

Easily find and restore deleted issues in Jira projects.

Use the CSV backup system to restore issues if necessary.

Customize the fields you want to keep from deleted issues.

Delete the log of deleted issues for a tidy database.

Agile and responsive user interface for a smooth experience.

Save comments associated with deleted issues.

Ready to Safeguard Your Jira Projects?

📥 Get Who Deleted My Issues? and never lose track of your deleted issues. Take advantage of our powerful logging and search app for efficient management of your system.

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or face challenges with installation, configuration, or usage of Who Deleted My Issues?, our technical support team is here to assist you. Explore the Atlassian Community for shared experiences and insights from other user.
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