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Empower Your Exploration with the DataBase Explorer App. Seamlessly access, modify, and extract vital Jira database information effortlessly

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Key functionalities #1

Effortless Database Search & Filter

Quickly query, modify and export your Jira Database for invaluable insights. Easily search and filter specific tables for efficient data retrieval.💡🗃️💪


Admin Empowerment: Save & Filter Queries

Empower Jira Administrators with the ability to save queries using our “Save query” feature. Easily create a “Saved queries list” and leverage multiple filtering options by name, description, date range, and more. 🔍🗂️✨

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Key functionalities #3

Boost Collaboration: Shared Queries

Enable user collaboration with shared queries. Users, beyond admins, can now access and execute queries shared by administrators with specific individuals or groups. 💪🔐✨

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DataBase Explorer

More Details

Effortless Database Management

Strong Built-in Security

Enhanced Visual Interface

Seamless Data Export to CSV

Increased Efficiency Through Filtering

Flexible Full-Screen Mode

Unlock The Power Of Your Jira Database

📥 Get DataBase Explorer now and unlock the full potential of your Jira Database. Explore your data in depth simply and confidently.

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Our Happy Clients!

DataBase Explorer is a real treasure for Jira Administrators. With this tool, I can perform complex queries on the Jira Database quickly and efficiently. It has saved me hours of work and allowed me to recover valuable information that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. I highly recommend this app to all System Administrators!


Jason Reynolds

Systems Administrator

What a useful discovery DataBase Explorer is! As an App Developer, I need to access and modify data from the Jira Database on a regular basis. This tool has made the process much easier for me. I can perform complex queries, recover specific information and export the results in a flash. It’s a great asset for my daily work!


Jennifer Parker

App Developer

DataBase Explorer has revolutionized the way I manage my projects in Jira. As a Project Manager, I often need to analyze detailed data and make changes to the Jira Database. With this app, I can perform specific queries and modify information with complete confidence. The ability to easily export the results has saved me time and improved my efficiency!


Jacob Luke

Project Manager

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