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Empower Team Communication: Chat for Jira revolutionizes collaboration with independent chat for projects and issues. Elevate efficiency, transform tasks!

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Enhance Team Communication with Chat for Jira

Seamless team communication with project and issue level chat. Enjoy dedicated chat windows for projects and issues, going beyond traditional comments. Empower your conversations with message editing and deletion, giving you complete control.


Turn ideas into actionable tasks with one click

Unlock the potential of your conversations with Chat for Jira’s innovative feature that enables you to directly create issues from specific chat messages. Seamlessly streamline your workflow, transforming ideas into actionable tasks with a simple click.

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Empower Team Interaction with Custom Chat Permissions

Grant the right permissions! As an administrator using Chat for Jira, you have the power to equip team members with appropriate chat access. Whether it’s groups or individual users, you control who can engage in discussions, ensuring seamless collaboration within your projects.

Discover our app from the inside and enjoy the amazing features

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Chat For Jira

More Details

Effortless team collaboration: Clear chats, no confusion.

Take control with real-time edits: Seamless teamwork.

Resolve with ease: Hassle-free issue creation via chat.

Efficient project control: Manage teams effortlessly.

Focus on what matters: Break free from emails.

Custom chat permissions for Jira teams.

Elevate Collaboration and Communication

📥 Embrace the power of Chat for Jira and unlock unparalleled collaboration and enhanced efficiency for your team. Simplify project communication, effortlessly manage tasks, and enjoy the freedom to edit, delete, and transform ideas into actionable plans instantly. Take your team to new heights with Chat for Jira!

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or face challenges with installation, configuration, or usage of Chat fot Jira, our technical support team is here to assist you. Explore the Atlassian Community for shared experiences and insights from other user.

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