Advanced Issue History

Experience Jira Changes: Advanced Issue History app offers full history insights. Filter by key fields, access profiles, save time with custom filters, and elevate your workflow!

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Key functionalities #1

Keep track of your issues in Jira

Easily view a complete history of issue changes made by different users – Don’t miss the most relevant changes!


Discover relevant changes in your issues

Filter by fields of interest, view users and access to profiles. Find what you’re looking for!

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Key functionalities #3

Customize your filters with a single click

Save filter settings for the current project or all projects, saving time and optimizing your workflow.

Discover our app from the inside and enjoy the amazing features

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Advanced Issue History

More Details

Filter and display specific info with field selector.

Save filters for projects or exclude specific ones.

Clear layout shows change details: date, author, field value.

Get A Clear View Of Issue Changes

📥 Don’t miss a beat with Advanced Issue History! Track and preserve changes in your issues effortlessly. Get it now!

Unleash Productivity Like Never Before

If you have any questions or face challenges with installation, configuration, or usage of Advanced Issue History, our technical support team is here to assist you. Explore the Atlassian Community for shared experiences and insights from other user.

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