Announcements for Jira

Transform the way your team communicates with Announcements for Jira. Create customized messages, effortlessly control user access, and supercharge collaboration.

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Key functionalities #1

Streamlined Control: Clear Announcements

Streamline and centralize your announcement management through our intuitive app. Empowering Jira administrators, it effortlessly facilitates the creation of messages displayed via visually crisp and straightforward banners.


Craft Your Own Alerts: Personalize & Simplify

Tailor notifications to your style using advanced customization tools. You can use HTML, text, and icons to make them your own. And don’t forget the smart ‘Don’t show again’ feature to stay focused and distraction-free.

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Key functionalities #3

Empower Teams: Amplify Collaboration

Our app empowers Jira Administrators to extend access to other trusted users for crafting and publishing announcements. With the right permissions, every contributor fuels enhanced communication within Jira.

Discover our app from the inside and enjoy the amazing features

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Announcements for Jira

More Details

Quick Updates: Craft announcements in seconds.

Personalization Options: Customize with HTML or text.

Visual Impact: Clear banners for easy-to-understand announcements.

Time Saver: Increase efficiency with the "Don't show again" option.

Effortless Engagement: Keep everyone informed.

Improve Teamwork: Enhance collaboration with ease.

Elevate Team Collaboration and Communication

📥 Unleash effective communication today! Dive into a free trial of Announcements for Jira now. Elevate teamwork, customize announcements, and empower your collaborators.

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or face challenges with installation, configuration, or usage of Announcements for Jira, our technical support team is here to assist you. Explore the Atlassian Community for shared experiences and insights from other user.

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