DnD Workflow Tools

Elevate Jira Workflow: DnD Workflow Tools enhance efficiency. Copy, reorder, save time with seamless drag-and-drop post functions and validations.

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Key functionalities #1

Reorder your postfunctions with ease

Just drag and drop the postfunctions to have them automatically sorted. Save time, simplify your workflow management, and optimize your productivity! ⏱️🔄✨


Full control of the function with a single click

Activate or deactivate the function directly from the post-function screen. Total flexibility in your hands! 🎛️💪✨

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Key functionalities #3

Instant copying of complex configurations

Save time and effort with our quick copy feature for post-functions and validations. Simplify your configuration with just a few clicks! 📋✂️ ✨

Discover our app from the inside and enjoy the amazing features.

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DnD Workflow Tools

More Details

Reorganize postfunctions effortlessly through intuitive drag-and-drop.

Enable/disable feature directly from workflow postfunctions screen.

Compatible with popular suites like Jira Suite Utilities and Jira Workflow Toolbox.

Unleash Productivity Like Never Before

📥Download DnD Workflow Tools now! and experience the power of the ultimate solution for effortless post-function and validation management.

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Our Happy Clients!

DnD Workflow Tools has been a real solution for my Jira needs. Copying and reordering postfunctions and validations has never been easier. Now I can quickly adjust the workflow and customize it according to the project requirements. I am very satisfied with the functionality and performance of this app.


Brian Mitchell

Software Developer

Since I discovered DnD Workflow Tools, my workflow management in Jira has improved significantly. I can now copy and reorder postfunctions and validations easily and quickly. This tool has saved time and effort on my projects, and I would recommend DnD Workflow Tools to any professional looking for an efficient way to optimize their Jira workflows!


Samantha Carter

Project Manager

DnD Workflow Tools has drastically improved my efficiency in managing workflows in Jira. The ability to copy and reorder post functions and validations with ease has simplified my daily tasks. This app has streamlined our quality control process and allowed for a more agile workflow. I am very happy with the results obtained thanks to DnD Workflow Tools.


Sophie Adams

Quality Analyst

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