Elevate Your Jira Experience with Pin Comments & Attachments

Discover how Pin Comments And Attachments for Jira enhances teamwork and control. Learn about its user-friendly features and optimize your workflow effortlessly. Dive into seamless communication and access management right within your Jira environment.

Pin Comments And Attachments: Elevate Your Jira Experience Upgrade your Jira experience with Pin Comments App

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Simplify information tracking by pinning comments and attachments with a single click. Never lose sight of crucial details and access them effortlessly whenever needed. With added user permissions, administrators can oversee and manage comments and attachments, ensuring a controlled workspace.


Pin with Ease: Click the “Pin” button to instantly pin any comment, creating a separate tab for easy access in the issue view.

Controlled Visibility: Pinned comments are visible only to those who can access the original comment, ensuring privacy and control.

Color Customization: Make your comments stand out by adding colors, simplifying visual identification.

Flexible Management: Unpin comments whenever needed and manage them according to your preferences.

Effortless Copying: Copy the content of pinned comments with a single click for quick sharing or referencing.

Last Comment Highlight: Easily spot the latest comment in the issue view and search screen via the Last Comment custom field.

Attachment Focus: Pin attachments to the top of the box for convenient visibility and accessibility.

Efficient Search: Quickly locate issues with pinned comments through JQL search.

Specialized Features: Utilize integrated validators and publishing tools designed specifically for pinned comments.

📥 Streamline Collaboration and Access Control

Experience enhanced collaboration and control within your Jira workspace with Pin Comments And Attachments. Simplify workflows and streamline communication – download the app now to revolutionize your Jira experience!

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