Elevate Your Workflow with the New Jira Issue Search Experience

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Sevidev brings you exciting news from the heart of Jira! Atlassian, the driving force behind the Jira Software, has unleashed a revamped and optimized issue search experience that’s set to redefine how you navigate and discover issues.

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Unveiling the New Jira Query Language (JQL) Editor

One of the highlights of this update is the all-new JQL editor. We’ve taken the familiar JQL editor, given it a modern twist, and added exciting new features. Now, building powerful searches using the Jira Query Language has never been more seamless. Dive deep into your data, create custom views for dashboards, and supercharge your querying capabilities.

Fix Errors in Real-Time: The enhanced JQL editor quickly validates syntax and provides detailed information to fix errors, ensuring your queries are spot on.

Smart Syntax Highlighting: Watch as the editor analyzes your query structure in real-time, highlighting entity types as you type. This not only makes your queries easier to read but also simplifies the editing process.

Enhanced Autocomplete: We’ve fine-tuned autocomplete to offer more insightful feedback as you type, prioritizing keywords and functions at the top for a smoother querying experience.

Expandable Editor: Need more space for those intricate queries? Expand the editor, complete with numbered lines for better readability and error spotting.

Effortless Status Edits and Beyond

The new list view feature empowers you to update issues without the need to open them individually. Simply locate the issue, select the status, and voila – you’ve made updates on the fly.

Search Across Multiple Projects: Customize your issue search by adding or removing projects according to your needs.

Configure and Reorder Columns: Tailor your list view by adding or removing columns, ensuring you see the most relevant fields at a glance. Configure columns to bring your essential fields into focus and reorder them effortlessly.

This revolutionary update is geared towards making your Jira issue search faster, more intuitive, and tailored to your specific needs. As partners of Atlassian, Sevidev is thrilled to keep you in the loop about the latest enhancements that elevate your productivity.

Embrace the Change

As Atlassian continues to enhance your Jira experience, we encourage you to explore the latest improvements for yourself. Remember, this upgrade is courtesy of Atlassian, and we’re here to guide you through the journey.

Stay tuned for more updates, tips, and insights from Sevidev: your trusted partner in the Atlassian ecosystem. Happy navigating! 🌐✨

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