Streamline Your Jira Workflows with DnD Workflow Tools

Discover the power of DnD Workflow Tools, a free Jira Data Center app designaed to simplify post-function and validation management. Explore effortless post-function sorting and validation organization to optimize your workflows efficiently.

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💡 Simplify Post-Function Management

DnD Workflow Tools empowers you to effortlessly sort post-functions within Jira workflows. Seamlessly organize by dragging and dropping directly within the intuitive workflow postfunction screen, enhancing your workflow efficiency.


Experience the potency of DnD Workflow Tools, your ultimate solution for post-function and validation management: 

✅ Seamlessly reorganize post-functions with simple drag-and-drop functionality. 

✅ Enable or disable this feature directly within the workflow postfunction screen. 

✅ Fully compatible with renowned suites like Jira Suite Utilities and Jira Workflow Toolbox. 

✅ Effortlessly copy workflow post-functions and validations with a single click.

📥 Effortless Workflow Optimization

Elevate your workflow optimization with DnD Workflow Tools. Seamlessly manage post-functions, enable or disable features effortlessly, and ensure compatibility with popular suites. Streamline your Jira workflows effortlessly.
Download DnD Workflow Tools now and experience efficient post-function and validation management.

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