Boost Communication with Announcements for Jira & Confluence

Explore the power of Announcements for Jira and Confluence, empowering your team with customized pop-up banners to streamline communication and motivation within your work environment.

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💡 Streamlined Team Communication

Announcements for Jira and Confluence provide a seamless solution to create and display tailored announcements, ensuring your team stays informed and motivated. Elevate communication effortlessly within your work environment.


Empower Your Team with Announcements for Jira and Confluence. Keep your team synced with our exceptional solution, enabling customized announcements for enhanced team communication:

✅ Swiftly create announcements using our intuitive and agile editor.
✅ Personalize messages with HTML or plain text to suit your unique needs.
✅ Display announcements via visually clear banners, ensuring maximum visibility.
✅ Optimize time management with the “Don’t show more” option on announcements.

📥 Elevate Team Collaboration

Elevate your team collaboration and communication dynamics with Announcements for Jira and Confluence. Ensure vital information reaches your team effectively and efficiently. Download Announcements for Jira and Announcements for Confluence now to enhance your team collaboration.

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