Revolutionize Project Communication with Chat for Jira

Explore how Chat for Jira transforms project communication, providing a tailored chat view for seamless collaboration on issues and projects. Revolutionize your team’s communication and boost efficiency with this innovative app.

💡 Discover the App

Unleash the power of Chat for Jira, your go-to solution for limitless communication on projects and issues. Experience a chat view designed for smooth collaboration, leaving traditional comments behind.


Discover the functionalities that set Chat for Jira apart:

✅ Tailor communication with project and issue-specific chat views, optimizing collaboration.

✅ Enjoy message control with the ability to edit or delete messages, maintaining conversation integrity.

✅ Turn chat discussions into actionable tasks with the innovative feature of creating issues directly from specific messages.

Experience the ease of managing teams and projects with Chat for Jira:

✅ Customize your chat experience with a simplified chat view designed for smooth collaboration.

✅ Stay updated in real-time with the ability to edit and delete chat messages.

✅ Instantly create issues from chat messages, saving time and streamlining your workflow.

✅ Centralize communication, bidding farewell to email overload and enhancing project coordination.

📥 Optimize your workflow effortlessly

Ready to transform your team’s collaboration? Download Chat for Jira now and unlock seamless project communication, effortless message control, and the ability to turn ideas into actionable tasks. Elevate your team’s efficiency today!

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