Discover What's New in Database Explorer for Jira

Dive into the enhanced functionalities and exciting new updates of Database Explorer! Manage your Jira database effortlessly with a more intuitive interface and collaborative features that empower your team’s productivity.

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🔍 Unveiling Enhanced Features in Database Explorer

Get ready to explore Database Explorer’s latest updates, delivering a seamless experience for Jira Administrators and users alike. Discover improved navigation, advanced query-saving capabilities, enhanced collaboration tools, and a more expansive view with our full-screen mode.


✅ Enhanced User Interface: Say hello to a revamped visual interface designed for simplicity. Experience smoother navigation with updated menu icons and a more organized query list. Find data swiftly by utilizing advanced table filtering options, streamlining your data retrieval process.

✅ Query Saving Feature: Jira Administrators now have the power to save queries effortlessly. Utilize the ‘Save query’ function to build a personalized ‘Saved queries list.’ Easily access queries using filters like name, description, and date range, enabling quicker retrieval and analysis.

✅ Enhanced Collaboration: Introducing ‘Shared Queries,’ fostering collaboration beyond admin roles. Users can access and execute queries shared by specific individuals or groups, encouraging teamwork and knowledge sharing within your Jira environment.

✅ Full-Screen Mode: Immerse yourself in a larger workspace with our newly introduced full-screen mode. Enjoy a clearer, spacious view across all sections of the app, enhancing your overall user experience within Database Explorer.

📥 Elevate Your Database Management Experience

Don’t let database management be an obstacle. Download DataBase Explorer now and elevate your Jira database management experience with Database Explorer’s latest upgrades. Empower your team with a more intuitive interface, advanced query-saving capabilities, enhanced collaboration features, and an expanded full-screen mode. Experience efficiency like never before.

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