Explore your Jira Database with DataBase Explorer

As a Jira Administrator, you know that accessing and modifying the database can be a challenge. But don’t worry, we’re here to make your life easier with DataBase Explorer!

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🔍 Easily Query, Modify and Export.

With DataBase Explorer, you have in your hands a complete set of tools that allow you to perform complex queries and recover valuable information efficiently. You will no longer feel limited by the default options, be the master of your data in Jira!

What makes DataBase Explorer a must for you?

Fast and efficient filtering:
Forget about wasting time searching for information. DataBase Explorer allows you to perform complex queries that will facilitate the recovery of valuable information in seconds. Filter your list of tables to quickly find the data you need, improving your efficiency and productivity to the fullest.

Security always first:
We understand how important it is to protect your data. With DataBase Explorer, you have built-in security checks that provide an additional level of protection. This significantly reduces the risk of unintentional changes, preserving the integrity of your data and ensuring a reliable and secure user experience.

Easily export tables to CSV format:

Information is power and, with our application, exporting tables to CSV format is a breeze. Thanks to the CSV export function, you can easily analyze and share the data extracted from the tables. Optimize your decision-making process and share valuable information with your team.

📥 Power up your Jira administration with a unique tool.

Don’t let database management be an obstacle. Download DataBase Explorer now and discover how this powerful tool will help you simplify your daily tasks in Jira. Save time, improve efficiency and get outstanding results!

Ready to discover how this tool will revolutionize your Jira experience?

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