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Empower Your Jira: Pin Comments And Attachments app lets you instantly pin vital comments and attachments. Elevate info visibility, enable JQL search, and streamline permissions.

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Key functionalities #1

Always keep the most relevant things in sight

Pin comments and attachments with one click. Easily access key information and don’t miss any details – Optimize your Jira workflow with ease and efficiency! 💡📎🚀


Full control for the Jira Administrator

Now you can decide who creates, deletes and modifies pinned comments and attachments. Optimize the management of your team and ensure the security of key information. 🛠️🔒💪

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Key functionalities #3

Optimize your issue search in Jira

Use our powerful JQL functions to quickly find issues with pinned comments. 🔍📌🚀

Discover our app from the inside and enjoy the amazing features

Elevate Jira Collaboration with Pin Comments & Attachments! 📌📎Discover a new era of Jira efficiency!
Reproducir video acerca de Elevate Jira Collaboration with Pin Comments & Attachments! 📌📎Discover a new era of Jira efficiency!
Pin Comments And Attachments

More Details

Easily pin comments and display them in a separate table in the issue view.

Pinned comments only visible to users with access to the original comment.

Customize your comments with colors for a quick visual identification.

Flexibility to unpin and manage comments easily.

Copy content from pinned comments with one click.

Highlight the last comment in the issues view.

Improve the visibility of attachments by pinning them to the top.

Find issues with pinned comments using the JQL search.

Integrated validators and publishing functions for pinned comments.

Stay Focused: Never Miss A Highlight

Take your collaboration to the next level with Pin Comments And Attachments! 📥 Download now and discover the power of pinning your comments in Jira – you can’t miss it!

Our Happy Clients!

Pin Comments And Attachments has been a lifesaver for my team. Now we can pin important comments and attachments with one click, keeping them always in sight. Accessing key information has never been easier and I highly recommend this app to all project management professionals at Jira.

Project Manager

The Pin Comments And Attachments app has improved our collaboration in Jira. By pinning comments and attachments, we don’t lose valuable information. In addition, the new permissions give us more control. We are very satisfied with this tool.


Jonathan Foster

Software developer

With Pin Comments And Attachments, finding relevant issues in Jira is easier than ever. The powerful JQL search functions allow us to quickly locate pinned comments. This app has improved our productivity and organization at work. I highly recommend it!


Laura Sullivan

Quality Analyst

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