Migrator for Jira

Effortlessly migrate, clone, backup, and duplicate Jira project configurations. Save time, focus on what matters, and simplify your workflow with Migrator for Jira.

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Key functionalities #1

Streamlined Project Import and Export

Migrator empowers you to effortlessly transfer projects between instances. Simply select export or import, and let Migrator handle the rest, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. 🚀💼🌟


Pre-Import Validation for Peace of Mind

Migrator provides a meticulous pre-import check, ensuring every item aligns perfectly with your instance. Say goodbye to surprises, and stay in control of your Jira environment. 🧐🛡️📊

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Key functionalities #3

Save and Track Your Progress Effortlessly

Store your «taskNumberId» and revisit it anytime. Keep tabs on your import’s status at your convenience. With Migrator, managing tasks is a breeze. 💾📅🌐

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Migrator for Jira

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Seamlessly migrate Jira configurations in minutes.

Clone staging to production with ease and accuracy.

Backup and restore your Jira settings effortlessly.

Duplicate projects with identical configurations.

Elevate your Jira experience with Migrator.

Focus on what matters; let Migrator handle Jira.

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Don’t wait! Experience the power of Migrator for Jira now. Seamlessly transfer projects, clone staging environments, and safeguard your configurations effortlessly with our user-friendly app. Download it today and streamline your workflow!

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Our Happy Clients!

Thanks to Migrator for Jira, migrating our project configurations was a breeze. We saved countless hours and seamlessly transferred everything to our new instance. The precision and simplicity of this tool are unmatched.


John Anderson

IT Manager

Migrator for Jira simplified our configuration duplication process. With just a few clicks, we replicated entire projects flawlessly. It’s a must-have tool for anyone seeking efficiency and precision.


Jessica Martin

DevOps Engineer

Managing tasks with Migrator is a breeze. I can save and monitor progress effortlessly, ensuring everything goes according to plan. This tool has become an indispensable part of our workflow.


Kevin Foster

Software Architect

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